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This is a Sample Site

You are on the sample site built to showcase BlogEngine.NET.

You can log in as admin/admin and make any editions you like - site is reset on regular basis and no changes will persist for long.

If you interested in source code - check us on GitHub.

If you want to install it on your server - get latest compiled install on Codeplex.

If you have any issues or suggestions, say it on discussion board.

Have fun playing around!

Source Code Example

static void Main(string[] args)
            //string oldconnstr = "Data Source = / orcl; User ID = lrmjkj; Password = lrmjkj";
            //string newconnstr = "Data Source = / orcl; User ID = ZTFramework; Password = 123456";
            string oldconnstr = "Data Source=;User ID=GJJXT;Password=GJJXT;";
            string newconnstr = "Data Source=;User ID=hxgjj;Password=hxgjj;";
            DataTable dtOld = OracleClientHelper.ExecuteDataTable("select grm_xh,grm_fsje from yz_grmxb", new DbParameter[0], oldconnstr);
            foreach (DataRow dr in dtOld.Rows)
                    //DbParameter[] param = new DbParameter[2];
                    //param[0] = new OracleParameter("@fse", Convert.ToString(dr["grm_fsje"]));
                    //param[1] = new OracleParameter("@xh", dr["grm_xh"].ToString());
                    OracleClientHelper.ExecuteNonQuery("update yz_grmxb set fse='" + dr["grm_fsje"].ToString() + "' where grm_xh='" + dr["grm_xh"].ToString() + "'", new DbParameter[0], newconnstr);
                catch (Exception e)
                    Console.WriteLine("编号为" + dr["grm_xh"].ToString() + " 的数据导入失败");


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