Good Karma

Oxite is an open source, web standards compliant, blog engine built on ASP.NET MVC.

Update: Note that while Oxite is still being actively worked on for our own sites (, and others), development of this project as a standalone blog engine is not being done. You should check out as it is actively working to provide a set of features that encompasses and exceeds the original Oxite plan.


  • Modules
  • Commenting
  • Comment moderation
  • Tagging
  • Content pages
  • RSS and ATOM feeds everywhere (All up, Blog, Tag, Comment, etc)
  • Trackbacks/Pingbacks
  • Email subscriptions
  • Sitemaps
  • Search
  • Skinning
  • Plugins
  • Metaweblog API support (Windows Live Writer, etc)
  • Background services
  • Web admin
    • All up dashboard
    • Add/Edit Posts/Pages
    • Manage site settings
    • Add/Edit Areas (Blogs)
    • BlogML Import
  • Runs on SQL Server 2005 and above
  • SQL Scripts to create/update your database
  • Multiple sites stored in a single database
  • Dependency Injection so parts of Oxite can be replaced

Getting Started With Oxite